Seattle-area Service Providers

This is a list of contractors or other suppliers we’ve used and liked (or, on the rare occasion, really didn’t like). We didn’t get anything from these folks in exchange for putting them here (other than good service), and your mileage may vary.

Georgia Selfridge (Real Estate Agent, Windermere) – Georgia is just fantastic. She loves her job, and she’s really good at it, too. Pays great attention to what her clients want, helps them understand the decisions and compromises inherent in buying and selling, and arms them with the knowledge required to navigate the buying and selling process. We’ve worked with her three times, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Devan Richardson (Home Inspector, Echelon Inspections, no website, phone is 206.399.1217) – Devan is thorough, knowledgeable, affable, and available.

Rick Delamare (Sewer Inspector, Hydrophysics) – If you don’t know about Seattle’s sewer situation (tl;dr: you own and are responsible for the sewer pipes from your house all the way until they meet the sewer main), read up, and then get Rick in to scope out (literally) your sewer. Very knowledgeable, understands how the system works, won’t try to sell you anything you don’t need.

Greg Nowak (Pro Noblem Paint, no website, phone is 206.914.9347) – Greg is a fantastic painter and tailors his level of detail & accuracy to the job at hand. If you want millimeter-perfect lines everywhere, he can do that, but he also knows where they won’t be seen or make a difference, and can save some time (and hence your money) by skipping the stuff that won’t be noticed.

Out on a Limb (Tree Service) – they did an awesome job taking down a couple of trees on our property and pruning others. Really nice folks, clean and efficient.

Action Jackson Plumbing – quick to respond to calls and staffed by professionals, this crew will get the job done!