Honeymoon Part I – Photos

We took a little break from the home renovation for a belated honeymoon, and traveled to Shanghai, Vietnam, and stopped in southern California on the way home for a friend’s wedding.

Photos first, and stories later on.

Achievement unlocked: truck ownership

As previously noted, our new place is a fixer upper, and we anticipate quite a few trips to the dump, Home Depot, getting stuff off Craigslist, etc. Sure, we could borrow a friend’s van or rent a truck (apparently, Handy Andy is the place to go), but where’s the fun in that? Plus, I work from home most of the time, and Dina drives the car to work most days. So yesterday, we drove out to Monroe and bought this beaut:

Dodge Dakota 4×4, V8, long bed

As much as we can rationalize the decision, this was an emotional purchase, a response to our romantic (?) vision of home ownership.

Hopefully, the truck isn’t as much of a fixer as the house…