A productive first weekend

As we rounded out our first week as homeowners, we ticked a few things off the list.

We made our first run to the dump in the truck (working name: Squeaky), carting off all the carpets we pulled up. (For those wondering, much of it was soaked through with water or worse, so it was not salvageable. We did keep the nicest section around for who knows what.)

We also got the very large, very heavy woodburning stove insert out of the fireplace, with the help of a couple of friends – thanks Jared & Carlos!


We took a very important picnic break on Saturday, as well, enjoying the first of many meals underneath the apple tree in the sun-dappled backyard.


We finished pulling up the carpet tack strips and removing all the staples that held down the pads. Work in the three rooms (living room, dining room, and one bedroom) went pretty quickly, all things considered, and all that’s left to prepare for sanding the floors is to pry off the quarter-round molding in a couple of the rooms. It’s painted on (as well as nailed), so I’m sure it’ll be a little tricky, but hopefully not too bad.

Lastly, we pulled out a built-in shelf in the hallway on the main floor. It was installed with a little bit of everything – screws, nails, paint, glue, and I don’t know what else – so many tools were used, and we managed to only pull a little plaster off the wall.