Hot Tub!

Along with the house (and the yard, and the dilapidated garage, and…) we recently became hot tub owners. Woohoo!

Being newbies in that department, we turned to the best resource for learning new things quickly: YouTube.

Tool Dude Tony told us everything we needed to know! For serious, it’s actually a really helpful video. We wound up getting this pump, which made quick work of emptying the tub, and Dina scrubbed at it for quite a while.


In addition to the tub itself, the filters needed some attention. Believe me, they did not start this color:


And in the end, it was looking really good.


On our way to pick up supplies for another project (asbestos removal, a tale for another post), we stopped in at a pool store in SoDo, and in less than 5 minutes, got the low down on hot tub chemicals. We aren’t experts, but we probably won’t die from bacterial infection either.

We are heading out of town for a bit on our honeymoon tomorrow, and managed to sneak in a soak before our trip – it was glorious!